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Communica Institute


Founded in 1988, Communica Institute has been supporting international students in Kobe with their language studies and various goals. Offering a supportive community and a flexible curriculum, this school is best for students who are keen on building their future in Japan.

Fukuoka Foreign Language College (FFLC)


An accredited language school in the region of Kyushu. This school is home to international and local Japanese students who are keen on studying both the Japanese and English languages to help them reach their future goals.

ISI Japanese Language School


With campuses located in Harajuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Takadanobaba, ISI Japanese Language School is a popular choice for students who would like to experience what it's like studying in central Tokyo. This school is also perfect for students who plan on moving to university or vocational schools in Japan or finding a career after their language studies.

Toyo Language School


A unique Japanese language school that offers five tailored course programs, including an exclusive Art University and Professional Training Colleges. Toyo Language School adapts lessons to the classes they are teaching, allowing you to direct your studies as necessary. Classes are not tailored to “JLPT” levels, but rather to "what you can do". A personal teacher, who acts as your partner, helps you choose how you learn and how fast you learn.

Loop International Japanese Language School


Tokyo or Osaka? At Loop International School, combine your Japanese studies with Osaka’s amazing local culture for a unique study abroad experience. Whether you want to expand your academic horizons, start your international career in Japan or have a meaningful cultural experience, Loop International School makes sure you’re ready to tackle your next goal.

Tokyo YMCA Nihongo Gakuin


Study in a global community and explore Japanese culture at Tokyo YMCA Nihongo Gakuin! Throughout the academic year, the school has a whole series of exciting volunteering, charity and cultural events. Expect all-around support, too: career guidance, assistance in going to higher education and a scholarship program.

Hotsuma International Tokyo School


With school branches in Gifu, Osaka and Nagoya, Hotsuma International School's Tokyo campus provides comprehensive language courses and support to set students ready for their next exciting chapter in Japan. Their education emphasizes collaborative skills, simultaneously adopting new technology-centered teaching methods while sticking to traditional ones.

JSL Nippon Academy Tokyo


Immerse in truly modern and traditional Japanese culture. Learn at JSL Nippon Academy Tokyo, situated near Akihabara, the birthplace of anime culture, and the sacred Asakusa Shrine.


The gleaming capital of Japan, Tokyo is a futuristic metropolis that blends the old and the new, local and international. Here, you can select from a wide range of Japanese language schools and connect with people from around the world.


Shaped like a glorious crescent moon, Osaka is Japan's second city with a financial capacity comparable to Tokyo. It's known as the birth city of comedy and some of the country's iconic food.


Whether its drift ice, onsen, skiing or snow festivals, Hokkaido knows how to do winters. Famous for its yearly snow festival and dairy farms, it's Japan’s northernmost, least-crowded prefecture.


Okinawa is Japan's southernmost prefecture, consisting of a few beautiful remote islands. Known for its beaches, coral reefs and being the birthplace of karate, the tropical paradise is overflowing with vibrant culture.

Tochigi, Aichi, Kagawa

From the beautiful landlocked Tochigi to the home of automobile giant Toyota, Aichi, discover the right school on different regions in Japan.